Crawford State Park

As my friend, Carolyn, and I are huddled under the picnic shelter waiting out a spring storm, it dawns on me that frequently it isn’t where you are, but who you are with that makes the day special.  I met Carolyn when we were both newcomers living north of Redstone, CO. back in 1987. She had built a pretty little cabin along the Crystal River while my hubby and I were living in a 1959 Hicks mobile home and dreaming about the log home we were planning to build. Read More

This word came to me several months ago – maybe even a year ago.  It’s a cool word because no one uses it in normal conversation, even though we mostly coddiwomple through life whether we know it or not.  Well…or I do anyway. Read More


slowing down

One of my hard-working cousins retired recently.  She commented that she didn’t have her “retirement cap” on yet.  She was used to getting up early and working hard until the end of the day.  I scoffed at her inability to slow down.  Then it started happening to me. Read More

Rifle Falls State Park

Rifle Falls 3

I’m on a mission this year to visit as many Colorado State Parks as I can before I leave for the summer.  On April Fools’ Day I took a trip to Rifle Falls SP and Rifle Gap SP – two hidden gems right here in my backyard. Read More

Is this really happening?

suddenly you know

I admit I’m full of ideas and a lot of talk, but seldom follow through with any of my hair-brained schemes.  But what I am about to do is REAL.  The next chapter of Shari Nova’s life is about to begin. Read More