Getting Ready…

time has come

If you read my other posts: Searching for my new home – Part ISearching for My New Home – Part II and Searching for my new home – Part III you will remember all the “mistakes” I made when purchasing the van. Read More

With Deep Appreciation


It’s hard to believe that after 25 years with the same company – and many of the same people – I am leaving.  As I swim through my last day here, I am sad, happy, scared, anxious and joyful – mostly joyful. It all seems so surreal. Read More

Searching for my new home – Part III

Be careful 2

If you have been watching this blog, you probably read my previous posts Searching for my new home – Part I and Searching for My New Home – Part II. I was jazzed about my new purchase but as night settled in things started to get ugly.
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Searching for My New Home – Part II


I’ve been a real estate broker for a long time, so I know how exciting – and frustrating – it can be to shop for a new home.  A few days before Labor Day 2016, an online ad lured me to a neighboring town to look at a Roadtrek van.  The owner wanted $25,000 (close to my budget) but the vehicle had over 100,000 miles on it, was worn, dirty and past it’s prime.  I tried to overlook the first impression, but couldn’t get past the “feel” of it.  Jeez! This van-hunting thing wasn’t going very well.  I wasn’t ready to give up, but figured I’d have to wait until next spring or raise the budget to get the kind of vehicle I was looking for. Read More

Searching for my new home – Part I

roller coaster

2016 was a roller-coaster powerful year for me.  Coincidences, serendipity and a huge measure of luck came my way as I tried to figure out how I was going to pull off my new adventure. Read More

Crawford State Park

As my friend, Carolyn, and I are huddled under the picnic shelter waiting out a spring storm, it dawns on me that frequently it isn’t where you are, but who you are with that makes the day special.  I met Carolyn when we were both newcomers living north of Redstone, CO. back in 1987. She had built a pretty little cabin along the Crystal River while my hubby and I were living in a 1959 Hicks mobile home and dreaming about the log home we were planning to build. Read More

This word came to me several months ago – maybe even a year ago.  It’s a cool word because no one uses it in normal conversation, even though we mostly coddiwomple through life whether we know it or not.  Well…or I do anyway. Read More