Sometimes You Just Have to Laugh

I don’t remember the last time I willingly, and perhaps unknowingly, did something that made me laugh out loud – but I’m about to share one of those stories with you right now. Read More

I’m in Heaven!

A few weeks ago, I pulled into the North Yellowstone Lodge and Hostel (NYLAH for short) near Gardiner, MT to start my summer job.  If you read my earlier post Ready or Not…  you’ll remember that I approached this new adventure with little  some trepidation.   Read More

30 Day Report

A little over a month ago I loaded the van and left Colorado on my way to a much-anticipated vacation in Oregon before landing in Montana for a late-summer job. It is no secret that I experienced some crazy concerns and emotions beforehand, but now that I am through the first leg of this lifestyle transition, I have great news: Everything is Fine!  Read More

Ready or Not…

Have you ever been on a blind date?  If so, you’ll remember the jittery feeling in your stomach as the little demon in your head flashes images of all your short-comings, flaws and fears on the screen in the back of your mind .  That’s how I felt on the day I was scheduled to arrive at my new home/job.

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Departures, Gifts, and Good Luck!

I felt a mixture of sadness, trepidation, joy and excitement as Kate and I parted ways soon after the fireworks ceased (it seemed like they went on all night long!).  She and her faithful dog Winnie headed back to Colorado as I continue to travel east to Montana.  Kate was an excellent travel guide – I’ll miss her inquisitive nature, gentle smile and concise planning techniques.  She was instrumental in making my new-to-this-life transition comfortable and fun!  Thanks Kate, Bon Voyage!

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Waterfalls Galore and More!

The temperatures on the coast were in the mid-60’s for most of June, so coming out of the protective veil of ocean mists and traveling east along I-84 through Portland –where nary a fanciful food truck could get me to stop -was like running headfirst into a blast furnace.   Read More

Independence Day

While traveling the Lewis and Clark Trail along the Columbia River Gorge (mostly I-84), I’ve been thinking about the people who made our independence possible.  A Google search of the holiday pointed me to a recent posting: Six Things You Didn’t Know about July 4th.

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