Departures, Gifts, and Good Luck!

I felt a mixture of sadness, trepidation, joy and excitement as Kate and I parted ways soon after the fireworks ceased (it seemed like they went on all night long!).  She and her faithful dog Winnie headed back to Colorado as I continue to travel east to Montana.  Kate was an excellent travel guide – I’ll miss her inquisitive nature, gentle smile and concise planning techniques.  She was instrumental in making my new-to-this-life transition comfortable and fun!  Thanks Kate, Bon Voyage!

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Waterfalls Galore and More!

The temperatures on the coast were in the mid-60’s for most of June, so coming out of the protective veil of ocean mists and traveling east along I-84 through Portland –where nary a fanciful food truck could get me to stop -was like running headfirst into a blast furnace.   Read More

Independence Day

While traveling the Lewis and Clark Trail along the Columbia River Gorge (mostly I-84), I’ve been thinking about the people who made our independence possible.  A Google search of the holiday pointed me to a recent posting: Six Things You Didn’t Know about July 4th.

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Following Clues

Along the journey of life, the universe drops cosmic bread crumbs for us to follow. Some call it serendipity, good luck, kismet or maybe even a mistake.  I call them clues. Several years ago on a quick trip to the Northwest I cruised into one of Oregon’s State Parks. The ocean views were spectacular, as you would expect, but I was also intrigued that you could rent a yurt, bring a tent, RV or hike/bike along the Oregon Coast Trail .  I wasn’t prepared to camp at the time, but vowed to return.  One clue led to another and here I am!

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Hitting the Road

Thanks to Jim, Leah, Jess and the mechanics at Jim’s Automotive, Katrina is sporting a new driveshaft and some sensors.  It’s Tuesday, June 13th and time to hit the road!

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Living Vicariously

My housemate and Oregon traveling buddy, Kate, took the news about Katrina’s mechanical problems like a trooper.  She offered to stay behind to make sure I would be OK after the repairs were done, but I rejected the notion and sent them on their way.   Read More

A Lesson on Flexibility

Last Wednesday, Katrina’s check engine light came on just as I was getting ready to put all my worldly possessions into it and head to the Northwest. My roommate and Oregon traveling buddy, Kate, and I were scheduled to depart on Friday, so I didn’t know whether to cry or curse, but I knew I needed some help quick! I called the office at Jim’s Automotive   in Glenwood and was relieved to hear they had a cancellation and could get me in by 2:00 the same day!  Woo Hoo! Read More