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Some say I am daring, some say I am crazy.  I think it is just the natural progression of life and the plans that were put in my book long before I was conceived.  My parents were married in August of 1949 and soon after headed to the mountains of Colorado to work in a timber camp and on road construction crews.  I arrived in November of the following year and happily settled into the vagabond lifestyle (or so they tell me).  There was ample work as the American west was expanding and lots of adventures along the way.

Dad tells of a time when they hitched a modest mobile home to a brand new 1952 black International pickup truck and headed to California – sort of a modern day gold rush. Unfortunately, the only job he could find was turning raisins.  The pay wasn’t good, the smog was bad and I contracted polio.  Like it or not, it was time to go back to Greeley.

Sis was born later that year and a few years after my brother made us a family of five. My parents made our home in the country so we could live close to nature, raise a few animals, enjoy wide-open spaces and learn a do-it-yourself lifestyle.

Just before I started high school, I met a cute boy working on a neighbor’s (his grandpa’s) farm for the summer.  We dated all through high school, got married and had our son Jason a few years later.

As much as I loved my high school sweetheart, we grew apart and later divorced.  With a twisted new perspective on life, I drank and smoked my way through the pain and sorrow.  I don’t recommend this kind of therapy, but grieving wasn’t popular in those days and these were the only tools I thought I had.

Little by little I started to grow up and realized that I had to take responsibility for my welfare and life.  I began to look outside my pity to find opportunities and freedom close at hand.   In 1986, without a job or a place to stay, a friend and I decided to move to Glenwood Springs. I always loved the mountains (hmmm…maybe I was conceived in the mountains?) and knew it would be a good place to start life anew.

Indeed it was!  For over 30 years these mountains, the Crystal River Valley and Roaring Fork Valley have blessed me with a life chock full of cheerful friends, a wonderful career, two more husbands, lots of good luck and many opportunities for growth.  The rest of the story is about to unfold in the pages of this blog.

Hang on…I have no idea what is ahead, but I trust it will be fun and exciting!  You are invited to live vicariously through me, or join me along the way.  Either way, I appreciate your interest!

2 Comments on “About Me

  1. Hello Sheri, I clicked on your name in the comments of RV Sue and Crew… I’ve been following her for years… even before I hit the road. You writing is so good, I’ll be heading backwards thru your blog to be able to see where you’ve been and come from. Have a great week and thank you for your wonderful photos also.
    Carlene aka Waianaegal

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Carlene,

      Thanks for the message and for following me! I should have another post up in the next day or two. I hope you enjoy it!

      Warm regards,


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