Hitting the Road

Thanks to Jim, Leah, Jess and the mechanics at Jim’s Automotive, Katrina is sporting a new driveshaft and some sensors.  It’s Tuesday, June 13th and time to hit the road!

Within an hour, the bins are arranged in the van and the gas tank is full.  Even though I am running a few days behind Kate, I have decided to travel two-lane highways as often as possible.  Heading north through Rifle, then on to the Flaming Gorge, was beautiful with little traffic.  The first night I stopped at a cool little campsite by Green’s Lake near Dutch John.

Greens lake IIThis is the view out my back door – not bad for the first night out.

I didn’t take time to explore the Flaming Gorge on my way out, but made a mental note to come back again. It is spectacular!

flaming gorge

Early the next day I pointed Katrina’s nose north toward Jackson, WY then west to Idaho Falls.  This stretch of Hwy 20 seemed the longest (read: most boring) but I finally made it to Craters of the Moon around 5:00 pm.  The Craters are an ancient, massive lava flow spreading out for miles.  I took the half-hour driving tour, marveled at rugged hills dotted with colorful spring blossoms (looks like mounds of rich chocolate ice cream covered with sprinkles), stamped my National Parks passport, and headed toward Boise.

craters of the moon

Sometimes when you are traveling and tired, you don’t always make the best decisions.  I made it to I-84 by 8:00 pm and noticed a sign for Hwy 20 veering off to the right through Boise.  By the time I discovered that I should have stayed on the interstate, I was at the western edge of Boise and knee-deep in an all-night construction zone.  About an hour and a half later the traffic started moving again.  Tired and hungry, I found a quiet parking lot in a nice subdivision and decided to spend the night.  I fell into my snug little bed and didn’t hear a thing all night (yes, I LOVE my van!).

Friday morning I was up at 5:00 am and easily made my way out of the construction mess and rambled along Hwy 20 toward the coast.  It was another long, windy, rainy day, but by 5:00pm ocean time, I pulled into Beverly Beach State Park.  Beverly Beach SP

This is home for the next three nights.  It was really quiet until the weekend…

It has been cool (in the 60’s), damp and a little windy here along the Oregon coast.  Kate, Winnie and I have been out almost everyday, sometimes on the beach, sometimes in the woods.  Below are a few of the glorious places we’ve seen so far:

Yaquina Head Lighthouse

The lighthouse on Yaquina Head south of our campsite.  

Kate (in the pink) is checking out the nearby tidal pools.  Through the reflection of the water you can see the starfish in the center with other creatures living nearby.  

cape perpetua

Cape Perpetua 

The weather started to clear on Saturday so we decided to hike into the Cape Perpetua forest.  We wound our way up a steep trail for 2.5 miles only to discover that we had four more miles to go to get back to the Visitor Center.  Since neither one of us had our maps, we weren’t sure if we wanted to backtrack or take the long route back.  Lucky for us, Karen, a fellow hiker, came along and assured us that the four mile trip was not only easier, but more scenic, too.  She didn’t fail us, the trail followed Gwyn Creek, was gradual and full of wildflowers.  Soon we were back at the car and ready for dinner.

Speaking of food, we have had some great seafood lunches and dinners.  Fish and chips, salmon, crab cakes, tuna mignon, shrimp salads and cocktail.  And, speaking of cocktails, we’ve sampled several of the local brews, too.  All very good! In fact, I think I’ll have lunch at Pelican Brewery today.

Next up: Follow me as Kate, Winnie and I head up north toward Astoria.

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7 Comments on “Hitting the Road

  1. Shari! So much fun to follow along as you see the things we saw on our trip 8 years ago, in a much different season! Craters of the Moon is even more unreal in bloom than it was in September. And the tide pools at Yaquina Head, a hike on Cape Perpetual–all such wonderful memories that feel like yesterday. Hope you get to check out Heceta Head–truly the most spectacular of the lighthouses we saw. Sending love and good cheer for your continued journey! Linda&Mark&Emma


    • Hi Linda,

      As you know, the Oregon coast is spectacular. I’ll have to save Heceta Head lighthouse for another trip, since we were headed north rather than south. I hope you and Mark are enjoying your summer! Happy 4th of July!


  2. Great job of writing I feel like I was there,keep up the good work and have fun : )


  3. Shari and Kate, so many wonderful experiences you’ve had! You’ve accomplished so much! Kate, I’m looking forward to seeing you soon. K.


  4. Shari; I love your blog & adventures. So jealous. Susan & I have a 2-year plan to find an RV or trailer, retire & hit the road. Seems like we’re the only people in the world not retired. You’ve certainly stuck a nerve & inspired us to step up the pace. So much to do…so little time. Keep the blog coming & have fun!


  5. Hi~ I’m so happy to hear from you! Your plan sounds great and totally doable. Part of the fun of retirement (or I’m calling it rewirement) is the preparation. Check out other traveler websites and YouTube videos so you can make informed decisions about your new home. After that, the rest is going to come to you on a “need-to-know” basis. Trust your instincts and take it one exploring step at a time. Thanks for staying in touch! I look forward to seeing you soon.


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