Living Vicariously

My housemate and Oregon traveling buddy, Kate, took the news about Katrina’s mechanical problems like a trooper.  She offered to stay behind to make sure I would be OK after the repairs were done, but I rejected the notion and sent them on their way.  

Amidst the chill and mud of an early April hike, Kate and I decided to visit Oregon in June.   The next day we wrangled sites at nine campgrounds along the coast starting June 12 through July 4th.

A month flew by and we started thinking about all the provisions we might need. Kate has a great little REI backpacking tent, but after envisioning herself crawling in and out of a small tent for a month,  she decided to order something a little roomier. Unafraid of internet purchasing, she found a pop-up tent (Gazelle) and decided to give it a try.  It arrived a few days later – all six foot of it!

Boxin Kate

Good thing she is strong!

After liberating the cumbersome beast from the packing materials, she whipped it out on the grass and had it set up in the as-advertised time of 90 seconds.  I was impressed (and maybe a little envious).

Kate n tent

The spacious 8’X8′ footprint provides plenty of room for a cot, dresser, chair, and Winnie (although Winnie is more interested in relaxing with a cold one instead of fussing with shelter).winnie2

Fast forward to last week: Since I can’t leave with Kate, I buzzed around like a bee looking for the first flowers of spring. I was probably just as annoying as I offered my packing expertise (although it wasn’t necessary) and cheered Kate on as she squeezed the load in the back of her Honda Element.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The tiny librarian fit everything in with enough space for Winnie’s bed – amazing!  The next day she strapped the plug-in cooler in the passenger seat and slowly backed out of the driveway.

kate leaving

I have to admit, there was a little pang of sadness as Kate and Winnie pulled out of the drive on Saturday morning!

She’s in Oregon now – hence the picture of Winnie’s first look at the ocean, above. So for now I am living vicariously through her texts and pictures.

Along the way she stayed at Great Basin National Park and Sheldon Wildlife Refuge.  

Meanwhile back at Jim’s Automotive Leah is ready to replace that cranky driveshaft.


Follow me as the day and repairs progress.

If you use one of the links below to buy your very own camping gear, I will receive a small commission at no additional charge to you. Thank you!

Gazelle Tent
12V Cooler for car

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