Searching for my new home – Part III

Be careful 2

If you have been watching this blog, you probably read my previous posts Searching for my new home – Part I and Searching for My New Home – Part II. I was jazzed about my new purchase but as night settled in things started to get ugly.

van 1

It wasn’t until I went to bed that night that BUYER’S REMORSE set in.  I’ve read about this phenomenon, but had never experienced the “OMG! What did I just do? jolt before.  As I tried to drift off to sleep, the winds of fear and mistrust spoiled my attempt to rest.  My excitement turned to dread as I thought about the dumb mistakes I just made.  For example:

Mistake #5 – Contrary to Bob Wells advice (Choosing a Used Van) I didn’t get the vehicle checked out by a certified mechanic.  With the Labor Day weekend at my doorstep, I didn’t want to take a chance that (a) the owner would sell it to someone else (b) I would have to wait until the following week or (c) I wouldn’t get to surprise my camping friend. We were headed to the Grand Mesa for the weekend.

Mistake #6 – Earlier that evening, I dashed to the bank with the van’s owner and transferred money from my account directly into his account.  This happened about 5 minutes before the bank closed. We didn’t take time to prepare a bill of sale or sign a contract or exchange addresses. YIKES!

Mistake #7 – To top it off, he didn’t have the title with him.  But being a kind soul, he offered to let me use his license plates so I could take the van on my camping trip.  I’ll give myself a little credit here, I DID have my own insurance.

Mistake #8 – The most important question: “How much is this going to cost in the long run?”  finally made it’s way to the top of my consciousness.  Where was that part of my brain before?

power of emotion blue

Consequently, instead of sleeping I was busy mulling over my mistakes and rehearsing the phone call I was going to make in the morning.  It went like this:

Hi, this is Shari, the crazy lady you sold your van to.  Listen, I’ve been thinking about it and I think I made a HUGE mistake.  Could we meet at the bank in the morning?  I’ll give you the van back and then we can undo the funds transfer we did last night.  PLEASE????

I wanted to make this call at midnight, then again at 2:00 am, then every half hour after. But I am polite…so I waited…and waited…and waited.

Around 6:00 a.m. I got out of bed and marched out to the kitchen to make some coffee and get ready for THE CALL.  A funny thing happened to me between the bedroom and the kitchen, however.  I looked out my living room window and saw this magnificent white beast backed up to the garage, poised and ready for an adventure.  Then and there the buyer’s remorse started to melt away like the frost on sun-struck autumn leaves.

don't look back

The call I did make was to my dad.  We talk every Saturday at 7:00 a.m. so I dialed his number and after our preliminary chit-chat I said:

  • Dad, I think I did something stupid yesterday.
  • His response:  Did you buy a camper?
  • Me: Yes.  How did you know?
  • Dad: You’ve been talking about it all summer.
  • Me: So the stupid part is, I spent more than I budgeted, didn’t get it looked at by a mechanic because the owner said he had the service records (which I didn’t look at) and I’m really scared I made a bad decision.
  • Dad: Listen, I’ve done a lot of crazy things in my life too.  My advice is to jump into that vehicle, learn as you go along, have some fun and NEVER LOOK BACK!  Besides, you can always sell it if it doesn’t work out.
  • Me: Really?  It’s going to be OK? Wow! You are the BEST dad a girl could ever have!  Thank you for giving me your wisdom, support and courage.  I gotta go now so I can get ready for the camping trip.  I LOVE YOU!

An hour later, the previous owner delivered the bill of sale, owner’s manual, spare key and the title.  He answered all my questions and gave me a quick tutorial.  Relief settled in, the excitement returned and in no time my friend Jeanne’ and I were headed toward the Grand Mesa.  And yes, she was quite surprised.

Someone loves, trusts and respects you enough to encourage you to follow your dreams!  -Shari

I am grateful for my Dad and Mom (God rest her soul).  They are always there to remind me to NEVER LOOK BACK!  

Looking ahead there will be lots of fun, explorations, and maybe some misadventures  as Katrina (the van’s name) and I venture into the summer of 2017.  If you want to see how it all turns out Sign up here.  I would be honored to have you along for the ride.

PS: If you shop Amazon through this link I will make a small commission on your purchase at no additional cost to you.  Thank You!

4 Comments on “Searching for my new home – Part III

  1. Good Morning Shari. Hope you have a Happy ,Happy day. Dad

    Sent from my iPad



  2. How great to read about your sweet adventure!!!! I am so happy for you, but then again it’s no secret, that you’ve always been a rock star!!! Chad


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