Crawford State Park

As my friend, Carolyn, and I are huddled under the picnic shelter waiting out a spring storm, it dawns on me that frequently it isn’t where you are, but who you are with that makes the day special.  I met Carolyn when we were both newcomers living north of Redstone, CO. back in 1987. She had built a pretty little cabin along the Crystal River while my hubby and I were living in a 1959 Hicks mobile home and dreaming about the log home we were planning to build.

Fast forward 25 years.  Carolyn and I hadn’t seen much of each other over the years but one day she walked into my office and asked if I would help her manage her beautiful Victorian home in Glenwood. I grabbed the opportunity to renew our friendship and gratefully took on the management of her home.   Our business relationship didn’t have time to cross over into a friendship until just recently.  We had lunch one day and discovered we both love to camp – so here we are at the Crawford State Park trying to keep warm after the rain.

You can access Crawford SP by heading south of Hotchkiss on Hwy 92, through the tiny town of Crawford.  If you are a fan of the late Joe Cocker, you know where Crawford, CO. is.  He brought a new vitality to this rural area and will be missed by all.  Go here to check out a story the Denver Post published about him: With a Little Help From My Friends.

If you are looking for a quiet, small campground perched at the edge of a sweet little reservoir – check out Crawford State Park and by all means, bring a long-time friend.  I promise you will enjoy getting to know each other better!

Since you are close and have nothing else to do this day, check out the north rim of the Black Canyon.  It’s only about 11 miles from the park and well worth the drive!

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One Comment on “Crawford State Park

  1. Crawford SP is great in the spring/early summer! I used to camp and sail small boats there 30+ years ago with kiddos; now Rick and I will do day-rides on our motorbikes to the Black Canyon overlook, then back to Crawford or Hotchkiss for lunch/dinner. Love the area.


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