This word came to me several months ago – maybe even a year ago.  It’s a cool word because no one uses it in normal conversation, even though we mostly coddiwomple through life whether we know it or not.  Well…or I do anyway.

So on this glorious Sunday morning I am fussing with details about how to pack the van, what type of sun shade to purchase (does the consumerism ever end?), thinking about making a quick trip to Greeley to see my dad, and wondering what worthwhile project I can get involved with in May before I launch into my next adventure.

not all who wander

As luck or providence would have it, one of my favorite blogs, Tiny Buddha, popped up with an eye-catching article – How to Trust You’ll be Okay No Matter What by Leslie Ralph.  Leslie reminds me that I don’t need to know all the details.  Putting one foot in front of the other is really the only way we can get through life. What a great reminder!  I feel better even though I don’t know where I will be or what I’ll be doing after my summer gig is over.  So for now I will be content to coddiwomple along and take advantage of every opportunity the Universe offers me.


*The picture above is on a kitchen towel made by artist Linda Drake of Lunar Designs.  You can visit her website at Lunar Designs to get a glimpse of – and purchase – her lively works!

I am an Amazon Affiliate Member.  My clicking on the link below I will receive a small commission on your Amazon purchase(s) at no additional cost to you.  Thank You!

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