slowing down

One of my hard-working cousins retired recently.  She commented that she didn’t have her “retirement cap” on yet.  She was used to getting up early and working hard until the end of the day.  I scoffed at her inability to slow down.  Then it started happening to me.

As I transition into a new lifestyle, I find myself staring at my tea leaves by 8:00 a.m. wondering what I should do the rest of the day.  Breakfast is gone, dishes clean, emails read, and still plenty of time to write or walk in the woods.  Ehh gads!

I’m not retired by any means, just floundering a little trying to grant myself permission to settle down between my old job and the summer gig.  Great plans are brewing for my June travels to Oregon and Washington and Katrina (Read about Katrina here) is poised and ready to hit the road. In about a month I will be off on the adventure.

In the meantime, I’ve noticed the gifts free time offers.  Creativity has room to bloom, there is time to help a friend in need or enjoy an exciting hour in the most recent craze – the Escape room.  Now I can catch up with friends I’ve neglected over the past few years and spend time with my precious father who turns 90 in October.  If I want to, I can spend an extra hour sorting old photos and cataloging new ones.  I can learn new aspects of my blog and website and read more books. I’m not taking naps yet, but that may happen on one of these soggy spring days.

So now I understand how hard it is to put the “retirement cap” on.  The years of programming are starting to unwind and my adventurous spirit is starting to soar again. Instead of paddling around in a pool of guilt, I think I’ll kick back and relax.  Stay tuned to see how that works out for me.

slow down frog

And while I am floating along in my pond, observing the stars, dragon flies and such, you are welcome to click on the Amazon link below to do your at-home shopping.

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