Rifle Falls State Park

Rifle Falls 3

I’m on a mission this year to visit as many Colorado State Parks as I can before I leave for the summer.  On April Fools’ Day I took a trip to Rifle Falls SP and Rifle Gap SP – two hidden gems right here in my backyard.

It was a beautiful spring day so I decided to explore the area a little.  The main attraction -the falls – has a trail that takes you around the front of the falls, up through porous limestone rocks and caves, around the back side to the top of the falls and down to the parking area.

Another trail follows a dirt road near the public parking lot, up along a canal, then drops down a kind of steep and rocky path before it brings you out at one of the private and picturesque tent sites.

Many Colorado State Parks have tent sites you walk to rather than drive to. You can park in the lot near the restrooms, load your tent and food into one of these carts and walk a short distance to your secluded site – most are along the creek.  There are 13 drive in sites and 7 walk in tent sites.  As the season warms up you will want to make reservations in advance. Go to Rifle Falls State Park for more information or to Reserve Rifle Falls Campsites to snag a great place to camp for a day or more!

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2 Comments on “Rifle Falls State Park

  1. Looks like a place I would love to camp at. Thank you for all the great information.


  2. Have flown over it repeatedly. Beautiful from the air too. Enjoy


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