Chasing The Sun and WINning!

February 19 dawned with flannel-grey clouds pulled over the rising sun like your grandmother’s nightgown.  My time at Roosevelt Lake CG was up and I was more than ready to find some sun!

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Arrived, At Last…

After several months of planning, downsizing, dreaming, hunting for and finding the perfect vehicle; fretting, buying stuff, getting rid of stuff, giving stuff away, and turning over my business,  I was ready to hit the road – or so I thought!  Now, after nine months of riding the roller coaster of semi-retirement, I feel like I finally arrived at my full-time RV destination. Read More

Arizona Gems & Grumblings

A few months ago I remarked to one of my friends that I wondered when my adventure was going to begin. Sure, I’ve been on the road since last June.  But it seems as though all my travels thus far were orchestrated – planned or not – to give me only the best of this vagabond lifestyle.  I spent the summer of 2017 working at a job I really enjoyed and then was able to take autumn and part of the winter to connect with friends and family (some I hadn’t seen in years).  But now I was faced with the reality of making my full-time RV life a reality. Read More

Sedona Surprises

The holidays had come and gone and although I had a general idea of what I wanted to do in January, I didn’t have a definite plan, so I waited for a “sign”.  Sure enough, on Christmas day I found out that my cousin, who lives in Sedona, had fallen early in December and broke her ankle and foot.  The injuries and resulting surgery put her in a rehab center for a few weeks, but by Christmas, she was eager to go home.   Since I was planning to go to Quartzsite later anyway, I offered to stay with her for a few days to help her get “on her feet”.  Suddenly the perfect plan was born (in more ways than I knew at the time)! Read More

California Dreamin’ (Part Two)

As you might recall from my last post, California Dreamin’ (Part One), I was “stranded” in Winnemucca, NV while a storm blew through.  I was on my way to Colorado for the holidays and fortunately, the snow was gone the next day so I could continue eastward.

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California Dreamin’ (Part One)

music notes

All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey.  I’ve been for a walk on a winter’s day. I’d be safe and warm if I was in LA. California dreamin on such a winter’s day.

This 1960’s song by the Mamas and Papas flashed through my mind early this morning as I woke up in a Winnemucca, NV. KOA campground (picture above). Brrr…    Read More

From Pines to Palms and Pondering In-Between

Once upon a time, I sat at my desk and wondered what it would be like to have little responsibility, no deadlines, unlimited time, and vague directions.  Now that I am living that dream, I gotta tell you – it is a little daunting…and very fun! Read More